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If I have the chance to be crazy once in my lifetime, this is now. Please contact me using the form here. You need my help before you even know it.

Airlines including Cathay Pacific are mandating the jab, and so are many businesses. Know your rights and know that you can refuse and know that the sacrifices of refusing the jab ARE TOTALLY WORTH IT.

The vaxxed are all David Vetter. The famous “boy in the bubble”. This boy has no immune system and is isolated in a plastic bubble throughout his life until he was 12 and he died that year. So it is with the jabbed who are going to be exposed to the garden-variety coronaviruses later this month August and in September. It’s ADE at work, people.
打疫苗的人都是大衛-維特。那個著名的 “泡沫中的男孩”。這個男孩沒有免疫系統,一生都被隔離在一個塑料泡沫中,直到他12歲,他在那一年死了。所以,這個月晚些時候8月和9月將接觸到花園式冠狀病毒的打過針的人也是這樣。這是ADE在起作用,人們。

You can’t fight the cabal, the globalists, alone. We need each other. At the risk of attracting potential traitors, and getting in the way of the evil laws of the land, I am calling for you all to reach out to me. Please send me an email below. It is your responsibility to make sure NOT to use your real names or sensitive contact details, because no one likes getting caught.


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耶穌基督是主。一定要反對測試和疫苗,拼死也要反對,口渴也要反對,賴尿也要反對,新冠東東才可以崩潰! 7.24除口罩