My thoughts on Trump

Personally, I don’t think it makes a difference whether he comes back or not. Because he had played the globalist card by rushing the science, he would just keep playing into the globalists’ plans come hell or high water. The cabal is behind the boom and bust the whole time, whoever is President.

I have no plans to move to the US either. Those who relocated to London are now in shock that they are facing a tyranny over there in the UK. And Hong Kong isn’t getting any better either, with the NSA and election-rigging law and antidoxxing law and the like.

The global collapse will happen in Aug – Oct 2021. I am confident of this. I can pin this down because I looked at the months in which there were stock market crashes and bear markets, and Aug-Oct amassed the highest count.

Trump is not going to save Hong Kong or the USA or anywhere. Stop looking to him. I am fed up with waiting for him. Enough with the Telegram channels (promoting him and his return) already.

Hope the saints and I are taken out (“raptured”) of this godforsaken earth by September 2021. Prayers for revival are going to make a difference, yeah – a difference for the worse. The revival would be of occultic stuff and not of real faith in Jesus Christ. I hate to wake up in the mornings because every new day – yes, is made by God, but then – but then every new day is also another day to be terrified of the impending global collapse. And I wish I were dead already so that I wouldn’t have to face that fateful day. I don’t think I can make it unless all the unvaxxed in HK unite. And that can only happen if you’re brave enough to contact our team. Only the brave get to outlive the globalists, remember. Cowards and rule-followers ain’t gonna see da light at de end of da tunnel.

In the meantime, please stock up on food – real, whole food and not fake food. I might visit you for help, or you me. Homo Sapiens of Hong Kong, unite!

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耶穌基督是主。一定要反對測試和疫苗,拼死也要反對,口渴也要反對,賴尿也要反對,新冠東東才可以崩潰! 7.24除口罩